Tuna is a well-known healthy source of protein, used in a variety of cuisines worldwide.

We are suppliers and importers of  tuna products in tinned and pouched formats – both being ambient seafood products with approximately 2 years shelf life.

Our pouched tuna comes in 3kg and 1kg formats, whereas our tinned tuna is supplied in 1.88kg and 1.7kg tins.

Products can be supplied in clean declaration format or with xanthan gum.

We can offer pouched tuna with a variety of chunk to flake ratios ranging from 60:40 chunk to flake up to our premium product which is 100% tuna chunk.

All the tuna supplied by us are sourced via Dolphin Safe Fishing methods approved by Earth Island Institute, for more information please visit   www.earthisland.org.

Please note that we are also importers and distributors for frozen prawns, pouched and tinned tuna and frozen surimi products. Please refer to our individual product pages for more information on our range of seafood products.