We are a leading supplier and importer of frozen surimi products to the UK and Ireland.

Originating from Japan several centuries ago, surimi is a functional food ingredient made from white fish meat.  Across Europe, surimi is most commonly known as crab flakes or Ocean sticks in Britain. 

Due to its similarities in texture and colour, surimi is a widely consumed and cheaper alternative to other more expensive seafood products such as lobster and crab.  Our product is sourced from a BRC accredited Belgian supplier.

Surimi products are low in fat, low in cholesterol and are enhanced with the inclusion of omega-3 oils which are associated with several health benefits.

Our surimi is available shredded or in sticks, both of which are frozen (IQF) in 1kg and 2.5kg bags. The products have shelf life of 2 years on production.

Please note that we are also importers and suppliers of frozen prawns, pouched and tinned tuna, crabsticks and crabflakes. Please refer to our individual product pages for more information on our range of seafood products.