Coldwater Prawns

Coldwater Prawns

Coldwater prawns are already cooked and peeled at the point of sale, making them one of the world’s most convenient seafoods.

We are importers and suppliers of frozen coldwater prawns that are sourced from BRC accredited processing sites in Iceland and Norway.

Our frozen prawns are available in the following count sizes and with either 8-12% glaze or 20% glaze:

  • 150/250
  • 250/350
  • 300/500

Coldwater prawns are often used in the manufacture of ready meals and sandwich fillings, such as prawn mayonnaise or prawn cocktail.

Our frozen prawn supplies are fished sustainably and responsibly sourced.  We can offer Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified prawns if required.  For more information, please visit the Marine Stewardship Council.

Please note that we are also importers and suppliers of pouched and tinned tuna, frozen surimi, crabsticks and crabflakes. Please refer to our individual product pages for more information on our range of seafood products.