We are leading importers and suppliers of chilled and frozen turkey escalopes and fillets to the UK and Ireland.

Turkey meat is a rich source of protein and is low in fat.  Regular consumption of turkey can help lower cholesterol levels and keep insulin levels stable.  Due to its lower calorific value and higher calcium content, turkey is often the preferred alternative to chicken meat.

We supply turkey escalopes that are 140g or 180g boneless, turkey meat fillets that are available in fresh (chilled) and frozen formats.  The turkey is processed at an IFS accredited site in Germany and the birds are farmed in accordance with EU welfare legislation.

The escalopes are packed in plastic bags with 15 pieces per bag for 140g fillets and 20 pieces per bag for the 180g fillets.

We supply turkey predominantly to wholesalers, sandwich and ready meal manufacturers with demand peaking over the Christmas period.

Please note that we are also suppliers and importers of chilled and frozen chicken and cooked chilled streaky bacon. Please refer to our individual product pages for more information on our range of chilled, frozen and cooked meats.