Liquid Egg

Liquid Egg

We are commercial agents for the Cocovite brand of liquid egg products to the UK and Ireland.

Liquid Egg is a pasteurised egg product used as an ingredient within the bakery industry where shell eggs would normally be used. 

Liquid egg confers several advantages over shell eggs, such as providing higher convenience and having longer shelf life than normal shell eggs.  Being pasteurised products, they also provide higher food safety than normal shell eggs as they are guaranteed to be salmonella and listeria free.

Packaging Formats

We supply Liquid Egg products in a range of different packaging formats.


1kg cartons

  • Pasteurised liquid egg, ready to use product
  • Easy to read portion measuring window
  • Available with 28 days shelf life (free of additives) or 56 days shelf life
  • This range of products is used mainly by wholesalers and caterers
  • We are also able to supply a scrambled egg mix designed for the service and catering trades as a ready to use product
  • The 1kg liquid egg range is also available in frozen format

10kg products

  • The 10kg liquid egg product range is offered in bag-in-boxes and is used in the manufacture of cakes, desserts, pies and various other bakery items
  • These products are available in a version free of additives with short shelf life (28 days) or with additives (56 days shelf life)

500kg/1000kg pallecons

  • Used by large scale industrial manufacturers
  • We also sell a salted yolk product under this format and this is commonly used in the manufacture of table sauces such as mayonnaise and hollandaise sauce

We are also suppliers of Pulviver brand of egg powders and a leading importer and distributor of hard boiled and peeled eggs to the Sandwich and Ready Meal Industries.