Egg Powders

Egg Powders

We are commercial agents for the Pulvivier brand of processed egg powders to the UK & Ireland.

Pulviver are one of the few manufacturers in the world with the ability and expertise to produce “instant” egg powders.


Within the last decade, egg powders have found applications in several industries including food, pharmaceuticals and nutricosmetics.  

With their scientific knowledge in egg protein functionality, Pulviver are able to offer a vast range of egg powders which possess specific properties:

  • Gelling and texture imparting  – making them ideal in the manufacture of meat products (such as sausages) and gluten free products
  • Whipping properties – making them ideal in the manufacture of cakes, meringues, macaroons and  various other desserts
  • Emulsification properties – making them ideal in the manufacture of sauces such as mayonnaise and Hollandaise sauce
  • Colour enhancing properties which are important  in the manufacture of foods such as ice cream and pasta


As egg powders are a spray dried and pasteurised product, they are bacteriologically safer than shell eggs and can have shelf life varying from 18 months up to 3 years.

Furthermore, due to the higher functionality of egg powders, the risk of inconsistency between production batches is minimised where suitable products are used and the overall quantity of egg in the recipe can be reduced.

Detailed factsheets of our entire range of egg powders are available on the manufacturers website.

We are also commercial agents for the Cocovite brand of pasteurised liquid egg products, including liquid whole egg, egg white, scrambled egg mix and salted yolk. In addtion we are a leading UK supplier of hard boiled and peeled eggs to the sandwhich and ready meal industries.